Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 1: Something Old
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The background is white.

Panel 1.

The entire strip is one panel. An offscreen speaker is saying " Quote 'How paradoxic that *spring* -- a season of making things *new* -- is perhaps the Earth's *oldest* tradition unquote.'"  The reader sees the front of the Broodhollow Building & Loan as if we are standing in front of it on the sidewalk looking up. It's an imposing brown brick building with a row of several large, rectangular windows on the second floor and a clock embedded in the top which reads 2:00. Most of the sign reading "Broodhollow Building and Loan" is cut off by the angle and the top of a leafy green tree nearby. There are the tops of other trees in the picture, all lush and green, and another red brick building can be seen to the left of the building and loan. The building's windows reflect the sky, which is a rich shade of aqua streaked with three thin lines of white clouds. There's a slight pink tinge to the undersides of the clouds. Five birds are flying far overhead, and the sun is shining brightly. A few leaves are blowing in the wind. The Broodhollow logo is laid over the sky, spanning from the left of the panel to the right in thin, sparse type. It's in a shade of blue only slightly darker than the sky, and where it's intersected by the clouds the text fades out entirely. The second "O" is replaced by the sun, which is so bright it washes out the letters next to it.

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