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The background is grey.

The entire comic consists of one large panel. In the top left hand corner is a small box with narration from someone offscreen. It reads, "Well... Here we are again, Doc."

The rest of the panel shows the city of Broodhollow during the winter as if the reader is hovering in the sky, looking at it from a slight distance. The roofs of the buildings, the fields outside the city and the rolling forest-covered hills on the horizon are all covered with a thick layer of snow. The sky is a light, dreary bluish-grey, and there is a light snowfall, the large flakes blowing in the wind. The trees that line the street are bare, with drifts of snow clinging to their branches. The viewer can see dozens of drab-colored buildings, most boxy and rectangular and two or three stories high. There are a handful that are larger or taller, such as what may be the City Hall near the middle of the picture, a white building that appears to be about four stories high and has an American flag mounted on a flagpole at the top. The only thing taller than that building is the clock tower, which is on the far right side of the picture. The clock reads 10:05. No one building appears to be in the spotlight; it appears to be a panorama of the town. There are no visible people on the sidewalks or cars on the roads. Overlaid over the horizon, in a light grey that's nearly indistinguishable from the darker grey of the sky and the white of the snow, is the Broodhollow logo. The logo is the word Broodhollow in thin, sparse type. The first O is replaced by the Skulls and Shovels logo, with an upside-down skull underneath a pair of crossed shovels, overlaid on a thin circle. The logo appears in front of the sky, but in places is covered up by the horizon and the clock tower.

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