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Panel 1.

Zane says "It had been like this for months." (As originally published, the opening line was "It started about five weeks ago." This was changed on March 1, 2013.)

He knocks on a door.

Panel 2.

The door opens a crack, but is still locked by a chain. The man inside peers out suspiciously at Zane. His hair is messy, his chin covered with stubble and he has bags under his eyes.

He says "I told ya I'd make rent next Tuesday — Hey, you ain't my fat landlord!"

Panel 3.

Zane is standing outside, wearing a suit and hat. He smiles and gestures expansively at a large trunk behind him with the words "Encyclopedia Atlantica" on it.

He says "I'm sure your landlord is just large-boned! But my name is Wadsworth Zane, and I represent Encyclopedia Atlantica!" Several other houses are shown in silhouette behind him.

Panel 4.

Close-up of Zane. He's holding his hat and still smiling widely, but there are bags under his eyes and he's sweating.

He says "Just imagine: the sum total of humanity's knowledge in one handy three-trunk set!"

Panel 5.

Zane is still standing at the door, and the man still just has it opened a crack.

Zane says "Slake your family's hunger for information — and fun — by just —"

The man interrupts, "And what about our hunger for food?!"

Panel 6.

The man slams the door shut. The view is of the whole house, and we see that it's small and very shabby, with a broken window, overgrown grass and a broken-down turn-of-the-century car to the side. Zane stands outside, in front of his huge trunk.

The man says, "Hey genius. We're in a depression. Unless your books are edible, scram!"

Panel 7.

Zane is walking backwards, his body straining as he drags his trunk by a handle on the side. He grimaces as he thinks "I wish they were edible. That would solve a lot of problems."

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