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The background is white.

Panel 1

The front of Zane's Antiques and Antiquities. There is a light snowfall, and some snow has accumulated on the sign, the windows, the lamp post nearby and the base of the building. The streets and sidewalks have been cleared off.

Panel 2.

A woman is holding a doll in front of her in both hands, smiling cheerfully at Zane. She is an older woman, with grey hair in a bun, glasses and a wrinkled face, and she is wearing a coat, gloves and a scarf. She says "Mr. Zane, it's just *lovely!* You have so many treasures in your shop!" Zane smiles back. The doll has a little tuft of blonde hair over a round, red-cheeked face with black button eyes. The mouth appears to look like that of a ventriloquist's dummy, with a flat line for a mouth and two lines at both sides going down towards the jaw, but I can't tell if it is actually a ventriloquist's dummy or just the design of the mouth. It appears to be made of fabric, although again I'm not sure. It is wearing a short-sleeved red shirt and a pair of overalls, and its arms have round, mitten-like hands with stitching down the front.

Panel 3.

Zane, smiling and gesturing expansively, answers "And to think, it's been waiting for you here all this time!" To his right is the grandfather clock. The reader sees the scene as if we're looking from the woman's perspective, getting a closer view of the doll.

Panel 4.

Zane has his hands on his hips and an easy, cheerful smile on his face as he says "Thank you! Do stop by again!" from behind the counter, the Encyclopedia Atlantica poster to his left. The old woman is leaving, and a voice from offscreen says "Hello, Wadsworth!"

Panel 5.

Zane walks over to Iris, smiling apologetically. He says "Iris! It's been so busy this morning... Wouldn't have expected an antiques shop to have this kinda foot traffic!" Iris smiles back. She is wearing a coat with large gold buttons and a mustard-colored scarf.

Panel 6.

Zane continues, "Especially not on an icy day like this..." Iris looks slightly sheepish, looking to the side, and says "Well..."

Panel 7.

She says, "Your shop is the only one on the block with underfloor *heating*. Didn't you notice everyone taking their shoes off?" We see her from the waist down. Her shoes are off, and she's wearing white tights and standing on the wooden floor. One foot is on the ground, and the other foot is slightly raised, the toes touching the back of the other heel. Short thin white lines coming from the foot draw attention to her stocking feet.

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