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The background is white.

Panel 1. From offscreen, a speaker says, in quotation marks, "'Is there any question why we make ourselves keepers of tradition?'" The reader sees the outside of a modest brick home behind a low wooden fence. The windows reflect the bright blue sky streaked with lines of white clouds, and a handful of green leaves are blowing in the wind.

Panel 2. The speaker continues, "Tradition fixes moments in our fleeting little lives. Allows us to *reflect* on the important things." A place is set on a table spread with a green tablecloth. There is an empty light pink cup on a saucer, with two golden forks resting on top of a pink napkin to the left, a knife and spoon to the right and a fork and spoon above the plate. There is also an arrangement of pink flowers and greenery on the table.

Panel 3. The speaker continues, "'Without the *marking* of these moments in our lives, *time* becomes an aimless march to the grave.'" Mrs. Isquith's pale, wrinkled hand reaches for the top of a large, elegant pink teapot ringed with thin lines of gold. Steam rises from the spout, over the light salmon pink background patterned with lighter pink stripes.

Panel 4. The speaker continues, "'And the beauty of tradition, of ritual, is twofold. There are no rules on that which we may commemorate. If it holds meaning for you, no matter how small, remember it. *Mark* it.'" The teapot pours a thin arc of tea into a pink cup ringed with a thin line of gold, held by two outstretched hands. Steam floats to the left.

Panel 5. The speaker continues, "'And, celebrating in togetherness gives *commonality* to draw upon. A community thrives by embracing its roots. But roots alone are not enough. As all things, they wither without *new blood*.'" From left to right, Mrs. Kennikin, Cora Loucks and Iris are sipping steaming tea from pink teacups ringed with thin lines of gold. They all have their eyes closed, they are holding the cup with their right hand and lifting it to their lips at the same angle, and they all have their pinky finger extended.

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