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Panel 1.

Zane is standing in front of a closed mailbox with its flag up. He's still wearing his suit and hat, and he's looking warily at the mailbox, his hands reaching tentatively for it.

He thinks "Home again. I can do this. No bills today. Here goes.

Panel 2.

This panel is split into nine small squares.

First, Zane looks worried.
Then he squeezes his eyes shut and grits his teeth.
He opens the mailbox, still with his eyes shut.
Then he closes it.
He opens it.
He closes it.
He opens it.
He closes it.
He opens it.

Panel 3.

He takes out the mail and holds it gingerly, opening one eye to peek at it.

Panel 4.

He throws his hat on the ground in frustration, thinking "Augh! All overdue! Nothing I do breaks the pattern —"

Panel 5.

He's knitting his brows together, thinking "Calm down, Wadsworth. Maybe all this proves... is that my pattern idea doesn't work. Maybe it never worked... Even the times I thought it was saving my ham."

Panel 6.

He looks stricken, and thinks "Which means instead of a little control over my life, I really have none."

Panel 7.

Beads of sweat appear on his forehead, and his lip starts to quiver.

Panel 8.

Zane frantically opens and shuts the mailbox over and over again. His mouth is wide open, his eyes look terrified and beads of sweat fly off of his forehead.

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