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The background is white.

Panel 1

Iris asks "How was your Whippoorwill?" Zane puts his hand to his chest and, looking dismayed, says "My *what*?" Iris answers, "Your *Whippoorwill Day!* It was on the third." The backgrounds for this panel and the subsequent ones are colored in blue-greys that give it a chilly, wintery feeling.

Panel 2.

Zane replies "Oh. I didn't go out! I'm terrible at remembering dates." Iris, smiling, says "I saw *three* of them! Together! It's supposed to be a good sign."

Panel 3.

Iris and Zane are in partial silhouette, with the counter and the cash register between them. Iris' eyes, mouth and scarf are visible, while Zane's eyes, mouth and suspenders are visible. Iris, her hands on her hips in a relaxed pose, says "So how's business been?" Zane, one hand on the counter, replies "Like the weather -- *brisk!* I even sold a few copies of the Encyclopedia Atlantica! Must be the *cold*. People's minds get restless when they're stuck inside all day."

Panel 4.

Iris, walking away, turns towards Zane and waves cheerfully, saying "I know how *that* can be. Ha ha! Stay warm, Wadsworth! Bye!" Zane waves back, smiling as he says "Say hello to your father for me!" Iris replies "He's actually away on business! He comes back in a few days!"

Panel 5.

As Iris leaves, Mayor Osgood is standing outside the door. Blustery gusts of air and flakes of snow blow in from outside. Osgood is smiling brightly and holding the sides of his jacket in each hand.

Panel 6.

Zane smiles, but looks slightly concerned, as he says "Mayor Osgood! What can I do for you?"

Panel 7.

Mayor Osgood, still holding his jacket with his right hand, brings his left hand up, holding one finger over his lips as he enters the building. The door is still open, and he's surrounded by snowflakes.

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