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The Background is white.

Panel 1. Mrs. Isquith is standing at the front of the room, in front of the tea table, addressing the other women. Her spine is curved and she is clasping her hands together in front of her. She says "We call to order this meeting of the Broodhollow Ladies' Auxiliary, and it calls *us* to order as well. I apologize for the black bagged tea -- as you know, *switchroot* has gone out of season *unseasonably* early." In the front row are Iris, Cora, Mrs. Kennikin and a lady with pale skin and brown hair, and in the second row we can see only the top of the head of a grey-haired lady with a coral pink bow in her hair. The women are still holding their teacups. The light from outside streams in through the windows and the window in the front door in the background.

Panel 2. Mrs. Isquith continues, "As is *custom*, ladies, let's begin by sharing our favorite moments of the week." Mrs. Kennikin raises her hand and says "*I* have one! Just two days ago, a bird struck my window. I was delighted to learn it was a *beautiful* juvenile osprey." She has her eyes closed, and is smiling. Cora, who is sitting next to her, looks over at her with a delighted expression.

Panel 3. Cora, gesturing with one hand, says "Eli and I saw that *adorable* school play our niece is in. About a king who wore only gold. She knew all her lines!"

Panel 4. Iris reaches down for something green, saying "I've been crocheting a *sweater* since late winter, but I hadn't quite learned how to join *sleeves*, so I decided to practice them by themselves. Short, thin lines from her head draw attention to her. The background is a slightly darker shade of rusty red, and there are shadows of the Auxiliary women in the background.

Panel 5. Iris holds the sweater up, an apologetic look on her face, and says "I finally got it down, but all I have to show for it is *this* silly useless thing." She is holding it by the sleeves on each side. Three other sleeves are attached to the chest and dangle down over the front of the sweater. There's at least one sleeve on the back as well.

Panel 6. Mrs. Isquith raises her index finger and smiles as she says "Don't downplay the value of things, Miss Bellweather. Who can say? It may be of use one day." The background is slightly lighter.

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