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The background is white.

Panel 1. Mrs. Isquith, hunched over and holding her steaming cup of tea in front of her, smiles as she says "Spring is quote 'springing along' unquote as we speak! A welcome change, indeed. I feel the return of lightness. Of levity. *Refreshing.*"

Panel 2. Cora says, "Hear hear, Mrs. Isquith! *Everything* is so much brighter! I dare say we needed it after a winter which lasted..." She starts to look pensive, bringing her index finger to her lips and looking down. Iris, sitting next to her, cheerfully ads "Nearly five months, I think!" Cora answers, "Yes, that's right."

Panel 3. An old lady with pale skin, a high-necked dress with a white ruffle and grey hair arranged high on her head, says "It *was* a dreadful winter. I remember how awful the..." Mrs. Kennikin, sitting next to her and hooding her cup of tea, turns toward her and continues "*Accident* was. An accident in the..." The first lady continues "*Woods*." Mrs. Kennikin says "Yes, that's right."

Panel 4. Mrs. Isquith, addressing the group of women, says "That poor." Someone in the group says "Bottle." Another woman says "Fly." Another says "Boy." Cora, sitting in the front, says "Died in the Stillwood." Another woman says "Woods." Mrs. Isquith continues, "Yes, that's right. Simply *tragic*." The three women in the front, Mrs. Kennikin, Cora and Iris look concerned and sober, and we can see there are at least two rows of women behind them.

Panel 5. Mrs. Isquith, her face grave, continues, "But we of the Bower Brigade pulled together *proper exequies* for him. Of *that* we can be proud. May he find peace. Peace for our dear." From offscreen, someone in the group says "Ma." Another woman says "Ris."

Panel 6. Iris, looking deeply affected, says "Yes. That's right." The background is slightly darker in this panel, with the shadows of the other Auxiliary members behind her.

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