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Panel 1.

As Zane walks backwards towards his home, dragging his trunk, he looks warily behind him. It's dark out, and there are only a few lights from other windows. He's a foot away from his welcome mat, and there's something underneath it.

Panel 2.

He puts his trunk on the ground and turns to face the welcome mat, stooping slightly and noticing the item underneath it. Short, white lines come from the item, drawing attention to it.

Panel 3.

He's holding the item, a large piece of mail, in both hands, staring at it and frowning slightly. He thinks, "You've come a long way, little guy."

Panel 4.

The piece of mail is a large envelope, stained and battered. The return address is "Loucks & Harth, 18 Morrow Boulevard, Broodhollow, WV." The state is partially obscured by a blot of ink. It's addressed to "Mr. Wadsworth Quentin Zane, 66 Sixth Street Unit F, Ark Hill." The lettering is blurred, and a hand-written note asks "State?" Next to that is another hand-written note in different ink, reading "Moved." It has four stamps, one of which partially covers up a note reading "Insufficient Postage." It's stamped with stamps from three different post offices and has two labels saying "Forwarded." The last label is taped on and says "Dead Letter."

Panel 5.

Zane opens up the envelope and reads the letter. He thinks as he reads, "Dear Mr. Zane, your presence is requested at a reading of the last will and testament of Virgil Zane, your second grand-half-uncle, once removed, on April third — *Six months ago... !*"

Panel 6.

Zane is in silhouette, still reading the letter. He thinks, "The pattern's turned for the worse! No longer happy to just give me bad news -- it now gives me good news too late!"

Panel 7.

He looks chagrined as he heads into his sparse room. There's an icebox and stove on one side and a bed pushed against the opposite wall with a calendar tacked up right above it. Between the kitchen and bed is a green door.

He thinks "I must have forgotten something... Left a book open? Or missed an X on the calendar?!"

Panel 8.

He's huddled in bed, his eyes squeezed shut and his brow furrowed as he clings to the sheets. He thinks, "Oh well. Polio, here I come."

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