Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 5: Concerns of the Auxiliary
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Panel 1. From offscreen, Mrs. Isquith says "Ladies, let's settle in -- we must discuss *concerns* of the Auxiliary in the days ahead. One of which is the coming holiday, which will occupy our time until its completion." Light streams in through the window, and the white picket fence enclosing the front yard is visible on the other side.

Panel 2. Mrs. Isquith, smiling and gesturing, continues "*Eld Vernalia* is among Broodhollow's oldest holidays -- and one that only comes every *six years*. An observance of spring in our fair town -- five days of reverence and jubilation."

Panel 3. Mrs. Isquith is shown in purple silhouette facing the front row of Mrs. Kennikin, Cora and Iris, shown in cartoony light purple, pink and orange silhouettes respectively. She continues "Despite this, there's been a sad decline in the number of celebrants. When I was a girl, Eld Vernalia was a sight to behold. The square was full of *life*."

Panel 4. Mrs. Isquith continues, "Now it seems we're lucky to have more than a few *dozen* offering up baskets for Miration. How can we help restore the event to its former glory? How can the Bower Brigade raise participation?"

Panel 5. Mrs. Kennikin, Cora and Iris all smile as they raise their hands. Other women in the two rows behind them are also raising their hands high.

Panel 6. Mrs. Isquith, her expression serious, says "Shall we start with ideas that are *not* bake sales?"

Panel 7. Mrs. Kennikin lowers her hand to her lap, looking to the side uneasily. Cora's expression is disappointed as her hand falls near her shoulder. Iris grits her teeth and looks to the side awkwardly as she lowers her hand. Behind them, the other women are also lowering their hands.

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