Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 6: Appointments to Keep
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The background is white.

Panel 1. Mrs. Isquith, looking grave and gesturing with one hand, says "Eld Vernalia *is* an *old* holiday. Old customs can be dry and dull. Their value limited. It can be *difficult* to integrate new ideas without offending *old sensibilities*."

Panel 2. She clasps her hands together. They are pale and bony, and the wrinkled skin is dotted with several light liver spots. She continues "Hmm, yes. What an *appropriate* discussion for this particular tea. Ladies..."

Panel 3. She continues, offscreen, "I have an announcement that cannot wait any longer." We see Dr. Angstrom sitting at a small table on a sidewalk. His legs are crossed, and he's leaning back with one arm over the back of the chair and one hand lightly touching the table. He has a half-full glass of a yellow liquid in front of him on the table, and he is smoking a pipe with a gold band around the bowl. He is wearing his square glasses, a blue cardigan with patches on the elbows, blue pants, a white shirt and a tie. The color scheme is the same as it was before. The table is small and round, and there is a second chair across from Dr. Angstrom. A yellow car passes on the street behind him, and on the far side of the sidewalk are a few silhouetted figures passing by the Broodhollow buildings.

Panel 4. Without turning around, Dr. Angstrom removes the pipe from his mouth and says "You're late, Mr. Zane." A silhouetted figure, unmistakably Zane's, is visible in the foreground. The sign on the window of the building in front of which Angstrom is sitting reads "Soda Fountain: Ice Cream, Phosphates, Fine Sweets."

Panel 5. Zane, looking healthy, normal and cheerful, says "No, I'm not, Doc." He's wearing his usual brown shirt, red suspenders and brown pants, but his shirt sleeves are rolled up to the elbow. Behind him, Mercy is flying up to his back, her wings outstretched.

Panel 6. Continuing to look away from Zane, Angstrom answers "You're not late for the time we agreed upon? Four o'clock?" His sunglasses hide his expression, but there's a furrow on his forehead. Zane, his hands on his hips and a more serious look on his face, says "I am, but not for the time that fits *the pattern*." Mercy is clinging to his back, looking over at Angstrom.

Panel 7. Dr. Angstrom, his brow still furrowed, says "You don't think you should have informed me?" Zane closes his eyes, smiling smugly, and says "*Ha!* And tip off the pattern?"

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