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Panel 1

Zane, standing up, bends backwards slightly and puts his hands on his back, near his waist. He winces and grits his teeth, and small stars and squiggly lines, a cartoonish shorthand indicating pain, come from his back. He says "Gosh! My trick back is acting up. I guess lifting trunks of encyclopedias takes its *toll*. Mercy, her wings outstretched, hovers to his side. Dr. Angstrom replies, "The winter weather is no friend to recovery." In the background is the low couch Zane rests on during his sessions, as well as several shelves of books.

Panel 2.

Dr. Angstrom puts his hand to his chin. He's drawn in profile, so the reader can see that his eyes look thoughtful behind his thick, square glasses. He says, "Mr. Zane, I'd like to recommend something. Have you ever tried keeping a *journal*?"

Panel 3.

Angstrom continues, "You're very analytical. It would be useful to track your fears, your nightmares, your understanding of the patterns you perceive. See if there are any *commonalities*." Zane, wrapping a red scarf around his neck, looks slightly anxious as he replies "Like a dream diary?" Mercy clings to his back, her head poking out from behind his shoulder.

Panel 4.

Dr. Angstrom crosses his arms over his chest and looks at Zane as he says "I want you to log throughout the day when you experience anxiety, and what brought it on. If there's an underlying cause, perhaps we can find it. Lessen it." Zane listens as he puts on his coat, Mercy still on his back.

Panel 5.

Zane fastens his coat and looks worried as he says "Finding a pattern *beneath* the patterns? After all the year's I've struggled with it, I've never actually written it down. I just try to *remember* all of it. And when I forget, I blame *myself.*" Mercy peeks out from behind his shoulder.

Panel 6.

Angstrom is drawn in profile, so the reader can see that he is closing his eyes. He says "Perhaps your inability to keep your anxieties straight is another source of anxiety." Zane, standing close to him and facing him, looks worried as he answers "Slow down with the breakthroughs, Doc, I'm only paying you three dollars an hour." Mercy clings to his back and arm.

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