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Panel 1. Angstrom says "I was hoping you'd get here before *Iris* did so you and I would have time to talk, Mr. Zane." Zane, holding on to the table and easing himself into the chair across from Angstrom, says "What's to talk about? And it's *Wadsworth* now, Doc. I'm not your patient anymore. I remember *that* much, at least." Mercy hovers in the air behind him.

Panel 2. Zane gestures pleadingly toward Angstrom, and his expression is intense as he says "You even said I was *right*! You saw that... *thing* in the woods with your own two eyes!" Angstrom answers "You were *right* about there being problems with *memory* and *perception* in Broodhollow. But I'm concerned with how you've been *coping* with it."

Panel 3 Zane and Angstrom are shown in silhouette at the table, Zane in beige with the red stripes of his suspenders visible and Angstrom in blue. Zane says "I'm finally coping *well*, Doc. And it was *always* the pattern, from the beginning. I had been thinking of it as this fickle thing that controlled events based on what *I* did. But now I'm thinking of it purely *scientifically*. *Mathematically.*" Mercy flies away to the side of the two men.

Panel 4. Zane puts a finger to his chin and looks thoughtful as he says "If I think of the pattern as pure *probability*... I could form a model for predicting *levels* of danger. Something we *all* could use to keep safe."

Panel 5. Zane gestures with one hand and closes his eyes as he says "Quote 'Today's forecast calls for thirty percent chance of vengeful *wraiths*' unquote. How useful would *that* be?" Angstrom is frowning slightly as he looks at Zane.

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