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Panel 1

Zane touches the back of a seat next to an old woman. In front of them are four other passengers shown in silhouette. The woman is white, has grey hair in a puffy bun, small glasses and wears a plain purple dress with a high lace collar. He asks "Is this seat taken, ma'am?" She smiles as she replies, "Not at all, young man, feel free! It's been a while since I've taken a trip by train alone."

Panel 2.

He sits down next to her, taking off his hat and smiling at her. He says "Same here! Where are you headed?" She smiles back as she says "Visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Edenvale."

Panel 3.

She continues, "My son-in-law has gone to California to sell radium-dipped hat liners." Zane looks taken aback and says "Isn't radium dangerous?" "Not in hats," she replies.

Panel 4.

She says, "Don't let me prattle on, though! It's a long trip, and I'm sure you're looking forward to a rest." He looks away and answers, "Yes, a nap... I actually am rather —"

Between panels 4 and 5, as if it's been hiding behind them, is a close-up of the skeleton he saw in his dream on a dark background. The two halves of the clumsily stitched-together mask are hiding most of its face still, but you can see a little bit of the mouth and three misshapen teeth. The light has gone out of its eyes, and the eye holes are loosely covered by large stitches.

Panel 5.

He turns to face her, a drop of sweat coming from his forehead, and continues "— looking forward to talking to you for the entirety of this train ride." She looks slightly taken aback.

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