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Panel 1

Zane is leaving Dr. Angstrom's house, his hands tucked in his coat pockets and a cartoonish puff of breath coming from his mouth. Mercy is clinging to his shoulder. He says "In all the years I've worried about a *pattern* running my life, I've kept it inside my *head*. Never sharing it. Never *codifying* it." Angstrom's house is a modest, one-story house, and the snow is piled on the roof and on the bannisters on the stairway leading to the front door. The snow is falling, and the sky is a light blue.

Panel 2.

Zane continues, "And a diary of sorts *would* help me understand the pattern. Either way it'd help with these bad dreams! Well. Let's see, Mercy. What *am* I afraid of?" He looks anxious as he talks to himself, and tucks Mercy inside the front of his coat.

Panel 3.

He continues walking with his hands in his pockets, his red scarf waving behind him. He has an anxious look on his face as he says "Death and dying, of course -- specifically the moment before dying when you *know* you're *about* to die..."

Panel 4.

He continues as he walks, looking at the sidewalk in front of him, "Doors that are open just a crack, doorknobs because they remind me of *eyes*, clothes with nobody in them, because what if they start moving?..." A man passing him, his hands in his coat pockets, looks back at Zane, a dubious expression on his face.

Panel 5.

Zane continues, "Ghosts, spirits, things that don't know they're dead, entities that *want* something from you you can't give, books out of order, books in an *unknown* order..." A woman stops to look at him. She's clutching her coat closed around her chest.

Panel 6.

Zane straightens up and smiles, saying "Ha ha! Sorry, ma'am, I must sound crazy! I'm talking to my bat." He gestures with his thumb towards his coat, and thin lines from his head indicate the effect of his being surprised and straightening up quickly. The woman looks nonplussed.

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