Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 9: The Old Ways
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Panel 1. Iris, Zane and Dr. Angstrom are walking along the sidewalk. Iris, a few feet in front of the others, turns back and says "Mrs. Isquith is *stepping down*. Not because she's ill or anything. She has a clean bill of health, she assured us." Zane, walking with his arms crossed, says "Didn't know you could still measure things in terms of quote *health* unquote at that age." Mercy, is flying next to him, her wings flapped down. Angstrom is holding his pipe as he walks, a thoughtful expression on his face. The buildings on the other side of the streets are silhouetted, and the streetlamps are placed at regular intervals that cut the panel into three parts, with Iris between one set of streetlamps, Zane and Mercy between the next and Angstrom between the last two.

Panel 2. Iris looks forward as she says "Her hem, Mrs. Brattle, *passed away* years ago. Mrs. Isquith and the whole Auxiliary remember for each other -- in the way the three of *us* have --"

Panel 3. She looks to the side, saying "But it's no replacement for a dedicated partner." Angstrom says "What happens to the ladies then?"

Panel 4. Iris, looking forward with a slightly worried expression, says "When the head of the Ladies' Auxiliary steps down, they're replaced by someone who they believe will stay the *truest* to the old ways. It takes *decades* to absorb the traditions... It can take a *lifetime*." Mercy, flying just ahead of Iris, looks back at her.

Panel 5. Iris, now looking very worried, continues "So the best fit is almost always the Auxiliary's *youngest* member..." Zane says "Gosh, that's you by a long shot!"

Panel 6. Iris, her expression anxious, says "I've never led a *brigade* before. I don't know the first thing about *brigadeering.* *Brigading*?" Zane reaches for something in his pocket, sticking his tongue out slightly in a gesture of concentration. He says "I'll check my pocket noun encyclopedia."

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