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Panel 1

The outside of the lawyer's office where Iris works. A large sign over the door, partially cut off, reads "Attorneys At Law", and a smaller sign to the right of the door has a stylized picture of an eagle and the words "Loucks & Harth Attorneys At Law." The doorframe has a thin coating of snow on it and outside the snow is continuing to fall in small flakes, but a sign tacked to the door reads "Open" in elegant red handwriting. A voice from inside says "Iris. *Iris.*"

Panel 2.

Iris, a concerned look on her face, looks up from the thick book she is reading. She's sitting at her desk, with stacks of large books on either side of her. She says "Uh -- Yes, Mr. Loucks?" Mr. Loucks is leaning over the side of the desk, both hands on its edge. He is a thin old man in a grey suit and blue tie, and he is mostly bald, with a fringe of grey hair over each ear and age spots on his head. His eyes are hidden behind his glasses, but he looks a little severe as he says "Where are the property tax records I asked about? The Miller house?" The law office has cool blue walls.

Panel 3.

Iris looks evasive and anxious as she looks the other way and replies "I'm... I'm sorry, Mr. Loucks, I'm a little behind from yesterday."

Panel 4.

Loucks replies, "You're behind from yesterday because *yesterday* you were catching up from last week." Iris, looking down at her book, says "I-- I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I'm so distracted."

Edit: Another sentence has been added: "*Edulcoration* can't come soon enough."

Panel 5.

Loucks' expression softens, and he comes closer to her as he says "Iris -- If you need time away, just tell us. Mr. Harth and I would understand. You're a smart young girl, and you've been through a lot lately. You can always talk to us." Iris looks glum as she looks in his direction, but doesn't make eye contact.

Edit: Loucks' dialogue has been edited. It now says "What's going on with you might need more than a holiday for dustpans and elbow grease. Iris, you've been through a *lot* lately. We understand. You can *always* talk to me and Mr. Harth."

Panel 6.

Loucks continues, an embarrassed look on his face, "... Unless it's about quote womanly troubles unquote. I could refer you to Mrs. Loucks." Then, in smaller text, "If that's what it is, blink twice." Iris has a small frown on her face, and her eyes are tiny circles of blank terror.

Edit: Small change to Loucks' dialogue. He says "Then I'd refer you to *Mrs.* Loucks."

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