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Panel 1

The porter comes by with his pocketwatch in his hand, saying "Next stop Broodhollow — Followed by Ichor Falls, Edenvale and Lasker City." Zane turns to the old woman, who is facing the other way towards the window, and says "It was a, um, pleasure to meet you, ma'am!"

Panel 2.

The old lady doesn't respond at all. Her arms are still crossed, and her glasses are reflected in the window, showing up as two light squares in the darkness outside.

Panel 3.

Zane, looking slightly chagrined, stands up and says to no one in particular "I, uh — I'll get off last to spare everyone having to deal with me and my unwieldy trunk."

Panel 4.

The porter sticks out his thumb towards the exit and says "You may as well get started, son. You're the only one getting off here." Zane looks at him with a worried look on his face.

Panel 5.

It's night when Zane arrives at the Broodhollow station. He gets off the very last car of the train, walking backwards and dragging his trunk away from it. The Broodhollow station is nearly empty, with one old man standing by a bench and another man walking far in the distance. On the horizon are a handful of buildings with a light in the window here and there, and an electric pole on each side of the track. The station itself is a small building with a train schedule and a bench on the side, a sign reading "Broodhollow" and a door with a small sign hung up on it. Zane thinks "You've been a very polite companion so far on this trip, Uncertainty -- but I suspect your patience with me is wearing thin!"

Panel 6.

Zane walks up to the old man, a stooped, bald white man with round glasses and a wrinkled face. He gestures with his index finger as he asks "Excuse me, sir, but where are the nearest, most reasonably priced lodgings?" The man answers, without turning to look at him, "Try the Hotel Umbra."

Panel 7.

The man indicates a street lined with streetlights and shadowy buildings, and turns to Zane as he says "Down that street a ways. Quite a ways." Zane looks uncomfortable as he looks at the man and thinks "Uncertainty's friend Hesitation joins the party."

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