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Panel 1. Zane, still walking a foot or two behind Iris, says "Gosh. Does this mean planning this spring holiday thing just fell in your *lap*?" Iris has an expression of forced cheerfulness as she answers "I think I'm up to it! Mrs. Isquith believes in me. And the other ladies are *full* of useful information." Mercy is flying between them, her wings flapped down.

Panel 2. Zane looks excited as he answers "*Sure!* A cotton candy machine, maybe a pony ride. Maybe some events for the *kids too!* You'll have that squared away in no time!" Mercy, flying close to his face, makes an "eeee!" noise.

Panel 3. Iris looks slightly discouraged as she answers "Eld Vernalia is a little more complicated than that. In fact, I'm pretty sure no sugar is allowed after *Cadence Night*."

Panel 4. Angstrom, Zane, Iris and Mercy are shown walking in a line in silhouette. Angstrom takes his pipe out of his mouth and says "A sugarless festival sounds as unappealing as sugarless... *anything*." Iris says "That's the only trouble. It seems like everyone *wants* a good turnout, but no one actually *likes* participating."

Panel 5. Iris' expression seems slightly brighter as she says "I remember my *father* taking me to Eld Vernalia when I was twelve or thirteen. It was Obnovalia Night, I think, because all the pomanders were up."

Panel 6. Iris' expression is dubious as she gestures with one hand and says "It's hard to make a holiday *fun* when you have to tell a little girl quote 'At midnight we put all the flowers in a big pile and set them on *fire* unquote.'" Mercy, hovering near her with her wings outstretched, looks on.

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