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Panel 1

Iris looks uncomfortable and tired as she replies, not making eye contact, "It's not -- It's not that, Mr. Loucks. I've had trouble concentrating since Dad passed away. And not... Not the *way* I thought I'd have trouble. Does that make sense?"

Panel 2.

She looks over to the door out of the room, which is shut. She continues, "I know he's gone but I feel as if he'll walk right through that door any minute now. And everything will go back to the way it used to be. But..."

Panel 3.

She is still facing the door, but she turns her head to the side, saying "I don't even *remember* the way it used to be. It's all... vague and shapeless. Like trying to hum a song you only heard once. I just have this faint echo of him."

Panel 4.

Her expression hardens, and she looks down, saying "And more and more lately when I do think about it, I don't feel sad. I feel... *I feel angry.* How can that be right?"

Panel 5.

She looks up, her expression neutral, and says "I don't want to take time off, Mr. Loucks. I'm grateful. But I think he would want me here. ... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on like that." Mr. Loucks is looking at her with an uncomfortable frown.

Panel 6.

He replies "Iris... Maybe you'd better go home for today. These sound exactly like womanly problems." Iris turns back to her book, resting her elbow on the desk and leaning her chin on her hand. She is looking away from Mr. Loucks and seems disgruntled.

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