Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 11: On The Verge
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Panel 1. Zane, facing Iris and Angstrom, looks cheerful as he says "Well, I really should get back to my pattern theory trials. I don't mean to cut our group meeting *short*, but I think I'm on the verge of a *breakthrough*." Iris and Angstrom look at him with neutral expressions.

Panel 2. Angstrom says "Ah... Very well, Wadsworth. I have my *own* studies to attend to as well. And I should check my post box -- I'm expecting a *book* I ordered on Native American symbologies."

Panel 3. Iris' expression seems falsely cheerful as she gestures to Angstrom and says "Doc, I'll walk with you. I'm headed that way anyway. If that's all... do we *have* it? Will we remember?"

Panel 4. Angstrom looks serious as he answers "Yes. We will remember." Zane looks entirely unconcerned as he leans toward the two of them with his eyes closed, waving and smiling. He says "Yup! We'll remember. Have a good night!" Mercy is clinging to his shoulder.

Panel 5. Zane strides off, his posture confident and unworried. His eyes are closed, and he's whistling, with a music note by his head. Mercy is clinging to his back, but looks back at Iris and Angstrom. They're standing next to each other, watching Zane go with neutral expressions. Iris has her arms folded over her chest, while Angstrom has his hands clasped behind his back.

Panel 6. Iris looks troubled as she says "He meant to cut our group meeting short." Angstrom also looks worried as he says "Oh, absolutely."

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