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Dark purple background.

Panel 1

The three men step into the light. The one on the left wears a blue knit cap and a white undershirt, and he has a lush grey beard. The one in the middle wears a red cap and sweater and has a large black mustache. The one on the right wears brown overalls and a blue shirt with rolled up sleeves and has closely-cropped hair. They're all stocky, strong-looking men and have a similar head shape and squinty eyes. The middle one says "Beat you -- *No, no! Haw haw!* You really *aren't* from around here!" This strip is shaded with more depth than the usual flat style, because of the contrast between the dark street and the light from the lamppost nearby.

Panel 2.

A close-up of the middle man's face. He says "*Hello hello hello!* We're the Bottlefly Boys. The name's Maurice."

Panel 3.

A close-up of the right man's face. He seems to be scowling, but it just seems to be the way his face always is. Maurice continues to talk, saying "This here is Morris." Morris says "Hey."

Panel 4.

A close-up of the left man's face. He's smiling slightly. Maurice continues, saying "And that's Maris. He don't speak much English."

Panel 5.

Zane looks away, touching his finger to his chin and looking slightly skeptical. He says, "Well! I'm... *sorry* to have made any assumptions. About three *large men* in an alleyway."

Panel 6.

Maurice stands behind Zane, underneath the streetlight. The top of Zane's head, not counting his shock of hair in the front, just reaches Maurice's armpits. Morris and Maris pick up Zane's trunk and start carrying it for him, small beads of sweat forming on their foreheads. Seeing this, Zane looks both surprised and, for the first time, completely delighted. Maurice says "*Knew* you took a wrong turn! We'll walk you up to the Hotel Umbra, if *that's* where you're headed!"

Panel 7.

Zane, looking rather chastened, says "Gosh! That's very kind! Tell me, are you fellows related?"

Panel 8.

Maurice turns toward Zane, who's looking up at him, and says, in large text, "*Related?!*"

Panel 9.

Maurice slaps Zane on the back and laughs heartily, saying "Haw haw haw haw haw!!" The words are large and light yellow with a thin blue line around them. The force of the backslap pushes Zane off his feet and causes him to open his eyes wide and open his mouth in dismay. Cartoonish yellow stars come from Zane's upper back where Maurice slapped him.

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