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The background is white.

Panel 1

The outside of a diner, with a large sign that reads "Cubby's Dining Car." It is a shoebox-shaped, one-story building with a line of windows along the front wall. It's still snowing, and snow has gathered on top of the roof and the sign and is piling in drifts along the side of the building. There are lots of footprints in the snow along the sidewalk, and the road is visible but lightly snowed over. There is one spindly-looking, short tree in front of the restaurant with no leaves left on it. The sky is a bright white and blue, as if the sun is shining through the snowstorm.

Panel 2.

Iris is sitting alone in a booth by a window, wearing her coat and scarf. She looks unsettled, and is resting one hand on the table. In front of her is a cup of tea with steam rising from it, and a small teapot. The light outside is so brilliant it's hard to see more than the outlines of the buildings.

Panel 3.

Iris looks out the window, her expression distant.

Panel 4.

Outside, she sees a man and a young boy walking through the snow. Both of them are bundled up well, in coats, scarves, hats and earmuffs, and the little boy's scarf is wrapped around the lower part of his face, leaving only his eyes visible. The man is walking a little bit ahead of the boy, holding his hand, and the boy is clearly rushing to try to keep up. The man's eyes are hidden behind his glasses, but he's smiling.

Panel 5.

Iris' expression softens, and she smiles as she looks outside.

Panel 6.

She looks back towards the table, her mouth quivering and her expression troubled. The reader sees her as if we're looking through the window from outside.

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