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Panel 1

Zane slides into the booth next to Iris, smiling at her and saying "Is this seat taken?" She smiles back, saying "*Oh!* It is now. Hello, Wadsworth!" He says "Aren't you usually working this time of day?" He's wearing his coat and scarf, and he's holding a small brown book.

Panel 2.

Iris' face loses its cheerfulness, but doesn't betray that something is wrong, as she replies "Oh, um, I got a little time off for lunch. Shouldn't you be running the shop right now?" Zane says "People will survive without being able to buy a busted watch."

Panel 3.

Iris smiles as she looks at the book that Zane is carrying and asks "What's that? A new diary?" He holds it up between them and looks at it, saying "It's a new *journal*. Dr. Angstrom said I should start keeping track of things that make me anxious."

Panel 4.

Iris, smiling, says "*I* used to keep a diary when I was younger! It really helped me work through some things." Zane holds it in front of him and looks worried, saying "I think I've always been *afraid* to keep one before."

Panel 5.

Iris answers, looking away from Zane towards the table, "I was afraid too! Scary to have all your secrets in one place. My worst nightmare was that somehow a *bully* at school would get a hold of it..." Zane looks down towards the book on the table, frowning slightly.

Panel 6.

Zane has an anxious look on his face, and says, still looking ahead of him, "Oh, that's not what I meant. If it's just in your head, you can deny it. When you write something down, it becomes real." Iris looks at him, her expression neutral.

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