Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 14: Evening Stroll
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The background is black.

Panel 1. It's nighttime and the sky is a dark rusty red. The area is illuminated by a streetlamp. Zane is holding up his coin and saying "I definitely got *fewer tails* the farther from the Stillwood we got. The opposite of yesterday. I don't know what it *means* yet, but --" In smaller text, he says "But--" His eyes are small, blank circles. Mercy is flying next to him, facing him with her wings outstretched.

Panel 2. Zane and Mercy look past the nearby building and trees into a large, open park. The only things in the park are a bench facing a couple of shrubs, which are glowing with a soft blue light. The buildings in the distance are dark, with no lights on.

Panel 3. Zane walks past the bench towards the glowing shrubs, his expression curious. Mercy is flying next to him. The scene is even darker than in the previous panels, with no streetlamps in sight.

Panel 4. Zane leans forward, bringing a hand up to his face and looking startled. Short, thin lines coming from his head show his surprise at whatever is in front of him. The eerie blue glow reflects off of his skin, making him look pale and washed out. Mercy, beside him, has her wings outstretched.

Panel 5. Behind the shrubs are about a dozen ghostly figures, arranged in a tight circle. They seem to be indistinct from one another, with bald heads, no features except for glowing eyes, and hazy bodies. They're outlined in bluish-green light, and their eyes glow nearly white. There are long, thin horizontal rays of light coming from their eyes. None of them have a body that's entirely visible; some are visible from the waist up and are reaching into the circle, while most are visible from the shoulders up. The ground and sky around them are completely dark. In the foreground, Zane is trembling as he looks at the group.

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