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Panel 1

Iris, smiling as she looks over at Zane, who is sitting next to her, says "What have you written so far? Can you share any of it, Wadsworth?" Zane looks at the table in front of him, grimacing and tugging at his collar nervously. He answers "Gosh, I haven't written much, and it's really personal..."

Panel 2.

He holds his diary very close to his face and continues, "So you tell me if it sounds crazy." The diary is plain, except for a small white rectangle on the front with the word "Zane" written on it.

Panel 3.

Zane is shown in silhouette as he reads from his diary. "Last night, I had the dream again. It's almost every night now. I feel as though I'd be looking for clues in it even if Dr. Angstrom *hadn't* told me to."

Panel 4.

He continues to read as Iris looks at him, a neutral expression on her face. He says "The dream always starts somewhere I trust, and *twists* it. The people without faces. The doors left open."

Panel 5.

He continues, "Their faces aren't just gone -- they're *holes*. Without a bottom. I feel like even a lamp wouldn't illuminate them." The reader sees the panel as if we're peeking over his shoulder. His writing is in neat lines, with one section circled. On one page is a simple sketch that takes up 3/4ths of the page that shows Osgood's face with the hole sunken in it.

Panel 6.

He continues reading, as Iris looks off into space in front of them. Her body is turned towards him, but she's not looking at him, and she has a neutral expression on her face. He says "It's not the darkness I'm afraid of, but the uncertainty. Darkness isn't good or evil. It can only hide things. There are more ways than *darkness* to hide something."

Panel 7.

He stops reading, though he's still holding the book in front of him. He frowns slightly, and his eyes shift towards Iris, although he doesn't look directly at her. Iris hasn't moved, and is still turned towards him but not looking at him. Her face is neutral, although she seems to be smiling faintly.

Panel 8.

Iris and Zane both say at once, "It sounds crazy." Zane looks back towards his book, and grimaces, while Iris' posture doesn't change.

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