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Panel 1

Zane and Iris are leaving the diner. Iris, walking a couple of steps behind Zane and fixing up her jacket and scarf, looks towards him and says "You didn't get anything to eat." Zane, his hands in his coat pockets, looks back towards her and says "Oh, I wasn't hungry. And enough about me, what's new with you?" The snow is still falling, piling up on the ground and the roof of the diner, and the sun is shining, making the sky a light blue.

Panel 2.

Iris, walking alongside Zane, looks straight in front of her as she answers "To be honest... I've been thinking a lot about my dad. My mom passed a long time ago. It was always just me and my father. Now it's just me." Zane, walking next to her, looks in front of him, a concerned look on his face.

Panel 3.

Still looking ahead of him, Zane answers "I know what it's like to be sad about losing a family member." Iris replies, "That's just it, I'm not sad. I'm... *furious*." The reader sees the two of them from behind, so their expressions are unreadable.

Panel 4.

Iris, still looking ahead of her and looking worried, says "Everyone says I need time to mourn, but... I want... to *fight* it. As if his passing was a thing you could fight. Isn't that ridiculous?" Zane looks towards her, gesturing with one hand, and says "Dr. Angstrom always tells me quote 'You don't get to choose your emotions' endquote."

Panel 5.

Zane brings his hand to his chin and looks thoughtful as he continues, "...Then again, he's told me quote 'You have to decide your feelings before they decide you' endquote. Huh. That's... really two opposite things."

Panel 6.

Zane, turning towards Iris, says "Do you want to get a hot dog before we head back?" She answers "I thought you weren't hungry." He makes a queasy face and says "Not for the food at Cubby's. Bleah."

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