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The background is black.

Panel 1. Zane is looking at the scene with an apprehensive, dismayed expression, his hands balled into fists. Mercy clings to his back, her wings outstretched. Faint blue light from the ghosts reflects off of Zane's skin and clothes, giving him an eerie, washed-out look that contrasts with the dark sky and buildings behind him.

Panel 2. Seen from closer, the ghosts are outlined in light blue and are semi-transparent, with skeleton fragments seemingly floating inside the outlines. They're arranged in a circle, some leaning forward intently, and they're all looking into it. They seem to be sunken into the grass, with some visible from the waist up and some from the shoulders up, while some are no more than the tops of heads poking out of the ground. Long, thin horizontal rays of light shine from their glowing eyes. The skeletons inside the ghosts are in varying states of intactness; some have what look like full skulls, while two have large chunks of the backs of their skulls missing, while another seems to have only a jawbone floating within his head outline. Beyond them, the sky is so dark that the silhouette of the skyline can only barely be seen, and the lights in the windows are barely visible.

Panel 3. One of the ghosts looks up suddenly, its glowing eyes turned toward Zane. Its skeleton is mostly intact, but there is a large chunk missing from the front of the skull, from one eye socket to the chin. The bones around this gap seem to be suspended in place. Smoky blue lines extend from its back, wafting up toward the sky.

Panel 4. Zane is looking at the scene with trepidation and anxiety, his hands balled into fists. Sweat drips from his temples. Mercy, clinging to his back, looks at him.

Panel 5. Zane glares at the ghosts, his eyebrows drawn together threateningly and his teeth gritted. His hands are balled into fists. Mercy, still clinging to his back, also stares at the ghosts threateningly.

Panel 6. The ghosts emerge from the ground and run away. Their glowing, hazy shapes make it hard to distinguish details about them, but one ghost whose body is nearly entirely shown has the outline around his spine and leg bones, giving it a spindly, skeletal appearance.

Panel 7. Zane scowls at the retreating ghosts, now just tiny dots of blue light in the distance. He says "Hmph." Mercy, clinging to his back, pokes her head over his shoulder and watches them go. The sky is still dark purple, but the color is richer and brighter than it was.

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