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Panel 1

Sunrise in Broodhollow. Two small flocks of birds fly in the sky as it transitions from nighttime to dawn. Buildings and power lines are shown in silhouette.

Panel 2.

Zane wakes up, sitting upright in bed with a big, peaceful smile on his face and looking energized. Short, thin white lines come from his head, highlighting his cheerful mood.

Panel 3.

A smiling Zane walks down the stairs to the front desk. The owner of the Hotel Umbra is sitting at a desk with a little bell at one end. He's a white man who seems to be in his forties, with a round face, a wrinkled forehead and a combover. His eyes are half closed, and he looks relaxed. He says "Hello hello hello! Morning, Mr. Zane." Zane replies, "Yes! It, uh... It *is* a good morning!"

Panel 4.

The owner asks, "Sleep well last night? It's our nicest room. Just happened to be available." Zane has a big smile as he says, "Actually... I haven't slept that well in a long time!"

Panel 5.

Zane is standing with his hands on his hips in front of the front desk. The door outside, behind him, is wide open. He says "Nice to get an early start! I'm wondering if you can direct me to *Loucks and Harth*. It's either a law office or a vaudeville team."

Panel 6.

The front desk clerk points towards the door. "Turn right on this street out here. That's Carver. Take it four blocks. Can't miss their offices." "Thanks!" replies Zane.

Panel 7.

Zane has a dubious look on his face as he asks "Um... And a question. Does *everyone* here say "Hello" *three times* as a greeting?"

Panel 8.

The desk clerk replies with a smile, "Well! *Most* folks still do. Start doing it and you'll sound like a *regular ol' Broodhollowan*." Zane looks nervous as he replies "No thanks no thanks no thanks."

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