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The background is black.

Panel 1. The outside of Zane's Antiques and Antiquities. The sign on the front looks as if it's been updated, with the "Zane's" in a different font and tilted differently from the rest of the text. It's dark outside, but the lights are on, and the merchandise and cabinet to the side can be seen in shadow inside. A voice from inside says "It *can* work, Mercy. *It can work*."

Panel 2. Zane, standing next to one of the long tables filled with merchandise, looks slightly anxious as he continues "I've never seen them gathered like that before. Were they... feeding? *Praying*? But I stood my ground. I... I wasn't afraid. And they *saw* that." Mercy, hovering in the air next to him, has her wings outstretched and is saying "eeee!" The merchandise behind him is in silhouette, and not much can be made out except that there are various boxes and the back of a chair or a spinning wheel.

Panel 3. Zane looks thoughtful as he says "It's the pattern. Can they tell that I'm finally on the right track?" Mercy, sitting in front of him, looks up at him.

Panel 4. Zane's expression is cheerful in a forced way as he looks at Mercy, saying "Come on, Mercy. Let's log a few more trials, then go to bed. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a *great* day!" Mercy closes her eyes and makes an "eee" noise.

Panel 5. Zane sits at his desk in the dark back room, wearing his pajamas and flipping a coin as he smiles serenely. He's holding a pencil and marking tally marks of five on a paper in front of him. There's another paper covered with tally marks next to it, and to the side is a thick stack of papers covered with tally marks. On the other side is another stack of papers covered with tally marks and a pile of Encyclopedia Atlantica books. His trunk is under the window, and his bed is in the corner of the room. The cabinet that was mounted above it has been replaced with a small bat house for Mercy. She is hanging upside down from the post mounted underneath the entrance, her wings wrapped around her. The wall around her is covered with various diagrams and charts, which extend from the door frame and blanket the wall from the bed to the ceiling, continuing on the wall with the window. The charts have several themes, some with patterns of interlocking circles with lines through them, some with what look like genealogical charts, some with writing, and one with a sketch of the upside down skull and crossed arrows logo that was seen in the underground cave, next to sketches of the modern-day Skull and Shovels logo.

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