Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 16: Something Horrible
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The background is white.

Panel 1

The antiques shop as seen from outside. The snow appears to have stopped, but it's still cold and bright outside, and there are thin layers of snow on the bars separating the glass panes in the windows and on the sign. From inside, someone says "So are you just going to keep *dreams* in your diary?" Someone replies "*Journal.* At first, I guess! Until I can find their pattern."

Panel 2.

Zane's expression is excited but also shy at the same time. He looks over to the side as he says "What I'd like to be able to do is *categorize* my anxieties into just a few columns. Imagine if they all could be indexed into five or six *types*." Behind him to his right is the grandfather clock. Mercy is hanging upside-down from the place where the pendulum usually is, her wings wrapped around her.

Panel 3.

Zane continues as he picks up a blue jug, "I bet it would give me a sense of control over them, you know?" Iris says "Like your encyclopedias?" Zane looks concerned and answers "What?"

Panel 4.

Iris smiles and closes her eyes, looking a little smug, as she says "All that information, all sorted and sitting neatly in categories. Boiled down to the essentials..." Zane, holding the jug in front of him as he walks away, looks back at her, a worried expression on his face, and says "I can't afford another psychoanalyst, Iris." There is a faint shadow at the window that appears to be about a human's height and width, but reveals no details at all.

Panel 5.

Maurice is at the window. His face appears to be caved in completely, with a large, oval-shaped black shadow covering his eyes, nose and mouth. He has his hands in fists and appears to be knocking on the window. The reader sees him as if we're looking from the inside out, with the bars of the glass over his face.

Panel 6.

Zane, his eyes blank and terrified, opens his mouth wide and makes a "Haah!!" noise. Several small lines come from his head to show his shock and terror.

Panel 7.

Maurice brings his face closer to the window, and it is completely normal. However, his expression is very upset. He knocks on the window with one fist and says "*Wadsworth!* Miss Bellweather! Something *horrible* has happened!"

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