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Panel 1

Zane is smiling as he surveys a street in Broodhollow lined with businesses. There's one guy walking along, his lips pursed as if he's whistling or chewing gum, and a young couple on the opposite side of the street. One car is parked along the side of the street, and the street is empty. On the side closest to him is the Broodhollow Chamber of Commerce, and next to it is a three-story building labeled The Avery Building. There's another building before the end of the street that's unlabeled.

On the other side of the street is Janusz & Sons' General Store, a tool and die store, an unlabeled store with an awning. A tall building at the end of the street has faded writing on the side. The name of the building and its previous tennant can be barely made out: "Commerce Bank Bldg" near the roofline, followed by "Connor Van Der Hawke. The Trusted Name in Real Estate".

Beyond the city are a few trees and rolling, grass covered hills.

Panel 2.

Zane passes the couple on the sidewalk. They are young and fashionably dressed, and the woman smiles and raises her hand as she says "Good morning to you, sir!" He replies, "Good morning! Hello and so forth!"

Panel 3.

Zane is looking up, smiling, and thinking "This burg isn't so *bad*. Not in the daytime, at least! Reminds me of some of the *gang-unaffiliated suburbs* of my native Ark Hill, Mass!"

Panel 4.

Zane looks at the plaque to the side of the door as he enters the building of Loucks and Harth, Attorneys At Law. It has an image of an eagle over the names.

Panel 5.

Inside, there's a young woman wearing a sleeveless green shirt with a white collar and a green skirt. She's white and has bobbed reddish-brown hair and a pointed chin. She is sweeping the floor. Zane says "Um, Miss? Good morning... My name is Wadsworth Zane, and I received --" She interrupts, turning her head quickly towards him, and says, in huge type, "*ZANE?!*" Three small white lines coming from her face show her surprise. He leaps back, shaking, his expression startled, turning to the side and raising one arm as if to protect himself. Several short, yellow lines come from his head, showing how startled he is.

Panel 6.

Looking deeply shaken, he shouts "Why would you shout my name *back* at me?? *How many quaint traditions does this town need?!*" She looks startled, too, and raises her hands to her face.

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