Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 17: Feet on the Ground
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The background is white.

Panel 1. Sun rises over Broodhollow. The early morning light is bright and hazy, falling over the hills outside the town.

Panel 2. Zane is walking along a Broodhollow street, with Mercy clinging to his back. He looks cheerful, although his eyes are tired. He says "I can't wait until we have enough data to start *predicting* events. The spirits in the park last night? What if we *knew* they'd be there?" He's passing a man in a green hat and shirt with pale skin and glasses. The silhouettes of the buildings behind him are purple against the rising sun.

Panel 3. Zane is shown in silhouette, Mercy on his back. As he walks, he continues "Of course it's very complicated... As complicated as predicting any *other* thing in the world... But given enough time... we might learn how the pattern governs *everything*."

Panel 4. He gestures with one hand as he continues "Science has models of the *stars*, of skyscrapers, of animal migrations... It took *generations* to gather, but we have them nonetheless!" As the sun rises, the buildings behind him are silhouetted in light green.

Panel 5. Zane looks struck by a sudden thought, his eyebrows raised high. He says "Imagine using the pattern to play the *stock market* someday. Or avoid certain illnesses and live to a *hundred*. If you could know the whole pattern, you'd be *invincible!*" The color of the sky and the trees is still the same, but the buildings behind Zane are silhouetted in a jarring bright blue.

Panel 6. Zane looks sheepish as he looks back at Mercy and says "Ha ha. I guess that's pretty silly thinking. Let's stick to predicting picnic ghosts and giant bugs." The buildings are colored in a somber brownish-green.

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