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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane and Iris are running behind Maurice by the outskirts of a forest. It's snowing, and the snow is piled thickly on the boughs of the pine trees behind them. Zane, the edges of his scarf flying behind him as he runs, says "I've never *seen* you like this, Maurice!" Maurice, still visibly upset, says "Morris ran to get the *police*. I went to find you. I don't know *why*. I didn't know who else to tell."

Panel 2.

Zane, looking worried, says "But *how*? How did it happen? I always thought the *Bottlefly Boys* were attached at the hip!"

Panel 3.

Maurice replies "I don't know. I don't know. He's been missing for days. One of the day crew found him." The three run in a line, with Maurice at the front. A crude wooden sign in the foreground says "Logging Road B."

Panel 4.

Iris says "How *badly* is he--" Her question is cut short, and she brings her hands to her face, her mouth wide open and her expression shocked. Short yellow lines come from her head, showing her surprise.

Panel 5.

Maris' body, almost entirely covered by a sheet except for the feet and the top of the head, is lying face up on the snowy ground. Chief Belknap is standing by Maris' head, next to a large blue car with the words "Broodhollow Police" on the side. His hands are on his hips and his eyes are closed, a somber expression on his face, while another policeman kneels by the body, arranging the sheet. Behind the second policeman stands Maurice, looking at the body with an anguished look as he places one hand on Morris. Morris is kneeling in the snow, his head bowed. Behind them, Zane and Iris are frozen in their tracks. Zane's eyes are blank and terrified, and he has both arms out to the side in a pose of shock. Iris is holding her pose from the previous panel, her mouth still open and her hands still by her face, but a tear is coming from one eye.

Edit (12/3/13): When the strip was first posted, there were some spots of blood by Maris' feet and head. They have since been edited out. Kris confirmed in the comments that this was because the death was not recent.

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