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Panel 1. Planchett, shown in silhouette in the foreground, says "*Zane!* Don't think I don't see you skulking around out here." Zane looks over at him, his expression annoyed, and says "It's... full daylight. On a big street." Planchett replies "You still look skulk-y around the eyes, kid." Mercy, clinging to Zane's back, looks at Planchett with hostility.

Panel 2. Planchett points to a paper posted on a nearby fence. He looks irate as he says "What's with this handbill? This fence is *my property*. I could have you for *littering* -- and since it was on my fence, that's *vertical* littering!" Zane replies "I think the Bower Brigade posted these, Mr. Planchett." The papers have writing and illustrations on them, but all that can be made out are the words "Eld Vernalia."

Panel 3. Planchett says "In my day we didn't *need* a flyer! I remember my *pop* hauling me to Eld Vernalia kicking and screaming. We were there with the whole apple *every night*!" Zane looks at him blankly, his eyes small circles, and asks "Screaming...? Is it... *scary*?"

Panel 4. Planchett replies "Sure. Scary *boring*. For a kid anyway. But it's part of Broodhollow history! People these days forget where they *came* from!" His expression looks troubled.

Panel 5. He takes the flyer down and holds it in front of him, his expression grouchy as he looks at Zane and says "This makes the holiday sound almost... *fun*!" Zane, his arms crossed over his chest, smiles nervously at Planchett and asks "What's wrong with fun?" Planchett says "We already *got* a fun holiday! We don't need two!!" Mercy, clinging to Zane's back, looks to the side and partially outstretches one wing.

Panel 6. Planchett closes his eyes and his expression is superior as he continues "August Ninth! *High Reverie*! Children makin' dolls outta *river mud* and dressin' 'em up! Don't kid a kidder, kid! *It's an off-the-cob hotsquat*!"

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