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Panel 1

Zane and the young woman are standing in a room with multiple framed diplomas hung on the walls. The young woman raises her hands excitedly and beams at Zane, who looks slightly worried. She says, "It's -- I *know* you! Er, I know what you -- I mean, I know your *name!* Sorry! Let me start over!" Some small, short, thin lines come from her face, showing her excitement.

Panel 2.

The two are shown in silhouette, with their eyes tiny white ovals. She says, "Mr. Zane, my name is *Iris Bellweather*... My father is a junior partner at the firm! When I graduated high school I started doing clerical work for my father, to help out!"

Panel 3.

Iris says "*I helped locate* your great-uncle Virgil's next of kin after he *died*! I mean, *passed away!* And we sent notice to you, but we thought you never received it, or had *died yourself!* Sorry! *Passed!*" She looks chagrined. There is a green hat on a hatstand behind her.

Panel 4.

Zane gestures with one hand and explains, "It had been lost in the mail for months. I know it's a *long shot* that there'd be anything left for me, but I had to see for myself."

Panel 5.

Iris smiles brightly as she says, "That's just it! I -- You -- You *came!* *Today!* And you're *alive!* Your inheritance claim was about to *lapse* and revert back to municipal property *tomorrow!* Zane looks surprised, and a large red exclamation point appears above his head.

Panel 6.

Iris takes her hat off the hatstand as she says "If you had come a day later, you'd have *missed it!* It's so *exciting!*" He smiles, saying "*That's fantastic!* Could I speak with your father? Or the *executor*, or --"

Panel 7.

Iris is running across the street, Zane following her. She says "The three of them are *away on business* for another two days. But... *Come on!* I'll take you to it!" He looks skeptical and replies "I've never inherited anything before -- can I just accept the cash value instead?"

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