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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane, standing close to Iris, is holding one arm across his chest and his other hand near his face. His expression is haunted as he looks down at the sheet-covered body and says "I can't believe it... Boys, I'm so *sorry*. Poor Maris." Next to him, Iris is standing stiffly with both hands over her chest, her eyebrows drawn together and her face showing that she's been crying. In the foreground, Morris is still kneeling at the exposed feet of the body, his eyes squeezed shut and his head bowed.

Panel 2.

Chief Belknap, turning to Zane, puts up one hand and, his eyes closed and his expression pompous, says "This is *no place* for looky-loos. Head back to town! It's *dangerous* out in this weather." Zane, leaning towards him and looking angry, answers "*We knew Maris!* We were his friends. This wasn't just the *weather!*"

Panel 3.

Chief Belknap opens his eyes and points at Zane's nose, his finger just inches away from Zane's face. He looks threatening as he says "What makes you say *that*? You have something to admit?" Zane looks surprised, but angry and not willing to be intimidated as he replies "Only that the *Bottlefly Boys* are the *toughest* in town! A snowstorm couldn't do this to Maris!" Small, thin black lines coming from his forehead indicate his surprise and anger.

Panel 4.

Belknap says "The body is quite frozen... It's been here for a number of days. A week, even. But no, that likely wasn't the cause of death." Zane replies "Then *what was*?" The two of them are offscreen; the reader is seeing Maris' body, mostly covered by the white sheet. The top of his head is not covered by the sheet, and we see the blue knit skullcap that he always wore, with a tiny bit of his white hair underneath it. There is a small yellow object on the top of the hat that appears to be about the size of a thumbprint or slightly smaller. It's hard to tell what it is, but it looks like a small pin (though not a Skull and Shovels pin, I believe) or a small leaf. Maurice is still standing next to the body, his arms hanging loosely to the side.

Panel 5.

Chief Belknap, his eyes closed, his hands held palms together with the fingers pointing slightly down and towards Zane, says "Quote The Broodhollow police department is not prepared to issue a statement at this time unquote. Now *clear this area!* Nothing to see! No sense in giving Miss Bellweather nightmares." Zane, standing across from him, looks angry, his mouth shut tightly and his eyebrows furrowed. Iris is standing a few feet behind them, still standing with her hands near her chest and her expression tight and upset.

Panel 6.

Iris' posture doesn't change, but her expression looks angry as she says "Too late."

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