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Panel 1. Planchett gives Zane an appraising look and asks "So... you a betting man, Wadsworth? You got a *wad worth* something tucked up in that antique shop?" Zane looks startled and says "I -- what? *what*?"

Panel 2. Planchett gestures with both hands, his expression serious, and says "Been waiting a *dog's age* for our little informal tourney to roll around again. I'm talkin' about..."

Panel 3. Planchett grins and eyes Zane as he continues "... A game or two of *parlor oubliette*. At our Society meetings. During Eld Vernalia." Zane looks confused, with his eyes blank circles and even his mouth a little circle. Long lines come from his head indicating his surprise. He says "Oh, you mean the weekly game we play at the..." In small text, he continues "Skull and Shovels meeting?"

Panel 4. Planchett looks annoyed, rolling his eyes, and says "What society didja *think* I meant, the Rotary Club?! A lot of the fellas get together each night after the ceremonies. Harker Mansion, the usual spot." Zane frowns slightly as he listens.

Panel 5. Planchett grins, his expression intimidating, and says "Some of us like to wager to keep the game fresh, but it ain't *strictly* necessary. You should play... unless you ain't got the scratch... or you're *chicken*." Thin, wavy red lines come from his face, indicating his intensity.

Panel 6. Zane's expression is neutral as he replies "Well, both are true, so. Not an enticement."

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