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Panel 1

The young newspaper seller, all bundled up against the cold with a hat, earmuffs and a large scarf that covers everything under his eyes, is holding up a newspaper. His eyes are drawn in the small circle style that usually indicates terror, but in this case seems to represent his excitement. There is a stack of newspapers beside him. He calls out, "*Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Millworker found dead in Stillwood Forest!*" It is still snowing, and the wind is blowing.

Panel 2.

Zane looks concerned as he holds the newspaper up in front of him, reading the headline. He says "A special *late* edition of the Courier-Post... I guess bad news travels *fast*." Iris, standing across from him and looking worried, answers "We don't get a lot of bad news around Broodhollow. Not like this."

Panel 3.

Planchett, wearing a pinstriped coat, a scarf and gloves and a fedora that perches precariously on top of his cartoonishly pointy hairstyle, walks up a few feet behind Zane. His eyes are closed and he has a smug look as he says "Miss Bellweather! Mister Zane! A little bird told me you were chummy with the deceased." Zane, not looking backwards at Planchett and looking slightly wary, answers "Er -- That's *true*, Mr. Planchett."

Panel 4.

The reader sees the three in silhouette, Planchett, in blue, standing across from Zane, who is in brown, and Iris, in green, standing right behind Zane. Planchett makes a gesture of explanation with his hand and says "Thought you'd like to know, Planchett Enterprises will be organizing a funeral and wake, in short order, on Maris' behalf. Didja know? Poor fella had *no relatives* in town."

Panel 5.

Planchett looks increasingly smug, as he tilts his head back and smiles, his eyes closed. He says "So I said -- no skin off *my* nose. Give a joe a *decent send-off* on my dime. Why not? I got the scratch. *Rutherford Planchett* is all about helping his fellow Broodhollowan." Zane listens quietly. A few feet behind Planchett, the newsboy stands next to his wagon, one arm resting protectively on the stack of newspapers.

Panel 6.

Zane says tentatively "That's very generous... If there's anything we can do to help --" Planchett, walking away, looks annoyed and says "Kid, I got this charity business in the *bag*. Just gimme the gratitude and don't waste my time." Iris stands behind Zane, watching Planchett go.

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