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Panel 1. Zane and Iris are walking outside, their cheeks pink from the cold. It's still snowing, but it's getting darker, and the sky is turning purple while the silhouettes of the buildings in the background are navy blue. The ground is covered with snow, and the wind is blowing. Iris looks angry as she says "Planchett sure has some nerve on him, huh?" Zane, also angry, replies "He's all about turning a fast buck. He was trying to convince me to sell *regular* and *deluxe* snow shovels out of my shop."

Panel 2. Iris asks, "What's the difference?" Zane, walking along and looking down at his feet, replies "The deluxe ones have *handles*."

Panel 3. Zane looks over towards Iris, his teeth gritted and his eyebrows drawn together, and says as he gestures with one hand, "He doesn't care about Maris beyond impressing everyone at tonight's meeting."

Panel 4. Iris looks curious as she asks "What has the old society of the *Skull and Shovels* been up to lately?" Zane looks chagrined and puts both hands out in a gesture meaning stop, saying "Don't say it out loud! You're not even supposed to know about it."

Panel 5. Zane reaches for a doorknob on the building in front of him, looking back at Iris and saying "And honestly... It's up to *nothing.* We play cards. The drinks are now *hot* instead of cold. As far as I can tell that's all they *ever* do." Iris looks nonplussed.

Panel 6. Zane, his hands in his pockets, watches Iris leave as she says, her expression annoyed, "Well, good luck. If you have to smack Planchett in the face with anything, spring for the deluxe."

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