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The background is white.

Panel 1. The Broodhollow library, a large, stately building with a wide staircase, a red roof and two columns by the front door. It's a beautiful spring day and there are several dandelions dotting the lawn outside the building.

Panel 2. Zane, walking inside the library among the shelves, tentatively approaches a man who is taking a green book down from the shelf. The man has close-cropped hair, dark skin and is wearing a blue shirt. Zane asks "Where are the books on *card games*?" The man, without turning around, answers "What kind of card games?" The scene is colored in purples and dark blues, giving it a cooler, darker feeling than the bright establishing shot of the library.

Panel 3. Zane says "You know, poker, blackjack.. The kinds of betting games that are gonna get America out of the *depression*." The other man holds the book between his hands, and with his eyes closed in a knowing look, says "Horse racing. *That's* gonna get us out of the depression."

Panel 4. Zane gestures with one hand and says "Maybe! Sure. But I'm not looking for books on *horses*. Just books on card games." The other man, facing him, answers "I'm telling you. *Lot* of money to be made on those ponies. You oughta look into it."

Panel 5. Zane looks uncomfortable as he looks to the side, asking "...Is there someone who can tell me where to find the books on card games, or...?" The man holds his book up in front of him and smiles brightly, saying "Oh, I don't know. I don't work here. I'm just here for the racing books."

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