Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 21: An Early Blessing
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Panel 1

Zane looks dubious as he asks the mayor "What's Ouster Eve more like: Easter, or Secretaries' Day?" The mayor puts his hand on Zane's shoulder and replies "Neither, my boy! It's a night to expel our accumulated *woes* from the past year and make room for *good*."

Panel 2.

The mayor looks sentimental as he continues, "And I believe your arrival is a sign of good *to come*! An early *blessing!* Virgil Zane was a town favorite! A fine man and a *credit* to Broodhollow."

Panel 3.

The mayor raises his hands excitedly, as he continues "Do join us tonight in the town square, as -- as an Ouster Eve *guest of honor!* What do you say?" Zane looks anxious as he says "I, uh... To be honest, Mr. Osgood, I hadn't intended to *stay* this long." In the background, Planchett is gritting his teeth and staring bullets at Zane. Thin, wavy lines come from his face, expressing his annoyance.

Panel 4.

Planchett shouts, "You heard this chiseler! Already on his way to the *next* town to *swindle!*" Zane looks thoughtful, touching his finger to his chin, and says "I suppose it'll take some time to sort out the inheritance --" Planchett interrupts, "*He's obsessed with money!*" Lightning-shaped thin white lines come from his face, expressing the force of his statement.

Panel 5.

Iris interjects, "Mr. Planchett! His lineage is easy to prove. We did it to find him in the *first* place. And Mr. Zane, you're right. My father will have some papers for you to sign. You should stay an extra day or two, at least." Mayor Osgood adds, "You've got no excuse *not* to attend!"

Panel 6.

Zane, looking a little defeated and worried, says "I guess I can... use the time to inventory everything in the shop." He's standing in front of the window with its broken panes, and the inside of the shop looks oppressively dark.

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