Book 3 emblem Book 3: A Game of Oubliette Page 21: Confidence Games
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Panel 1. Zane is sitting at a table in the library, a stack of books next to him. He is reading a green book titled "Poker Basics," and his expression is annoyed. He says "Just like I thought! Lots on every card game *except* Parlor Oubliette. Tough to learn a game when the only chance I get to play is once a *week*." The background is colored in dark navy blue, and there's a shelf with multi-colored books on it behind him.

Panel 2. Zane peers at the book as he continues "But... It's not a game of *pure* probability. Not like my coin flip experiments. I'm playing against *other people*. It starts *out* with chance, with the cards you get dealt..."

Panel 3. As he looks at the book, he continues, "But you win or lose based on something more. *Knowing* your opponents. Formulating a *strategy* against them."

Panel 4. His expression is skeptical as he continues looking at the book. He continues "That makes oubliette like *poker*. It takes *people skills*. Knowing how someone ticks. How they behave in a miserable situation with no options."

Panel 5. Zane's expression brightens up, and he says "I'm an *encyclopedia salesman*. *That's* my advantage. I'm *always* in a miserable situation with no options!"

Panel 6. The man at the table next to Zane looks over at him, his expression irritated, and says "*Shhh!* You ever been inside a *library* before, Mr. Self-Confidence?" Zane looks over to the side guiltily, his expression mortified and a drop of sweat rolling down his temple. Several long, thin lines come from his head, expressing his sudden embarrassment.

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