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The background is white.

Panel 1

The Harker Mansion at night. It's still snowing, covering the mansion and the bushes and trees surrounding it with a layer of snow. The mansion is a stately Victorian building with red and gold trimming. It appears to have three stories and several rooms, along with a tower that's nearly twice the height of the rest of the house.

Panel 2.

Planchett and the owner of the Hotel Umbra are sitting at a round table covered with a red tablecloth, in a room papered with light pink and dark pink striped wallpaper. They're playing cards, with a pile of them face down between them. Planchett, holding a hand with three cards close to his chest, holds another card held out between his index and middle finger and, a look of cheerful concentration on his face, asks "Fortify?" The owner of the Hotel Umbra, his usual drowsy, genial expression on his face and wearing his Skull and Shovels pin, looks at his hand of two cards and replies "Fortify." Planchett says "I'll draw one."

Panel 3.

Zane is sitting at the same table, holding a hand of three cards close to his chest and looking hesitant. He looks off to the side and says "Uh... I'll fortify too." Mayor Osgood, sitting next to him with his hat off and his pin in place, looks concerned as he points at Zane and says "Wadsworth, you can't fortify yet. The *suits* don't match. Do you have a card in favor?" Zane replies "Er... I'm not sure."

Panel 4.

Planchett looks annoyed as he looks over at Zane and says "If you *don't* have a favor, you lose the *top card* in your tower, remember?" Zane looks down at the table and says "Ugh. I can't get the hang of this game." A voice from offscreen says "Gentlemen!"

Panel 5.

A member of the Skull and Shovels that the reader hasn't seen before is standing by the coat rack, removing his blue jacket. He is a white man, perhaps in his 30s, with short-cropped brown hair, glasses and a mustache and beard that forms a circle around his mouth. He's wearing a dress shirt and a red tie, and he has the Skull and Shovels pinned to his front. He says "Sorry I'm late. Been a long day at the office." A voice from offscreen replies "Nobody is envious of *that*, Mr. Kuzminski!"

Panel 6.

From offscreen, Mr. Kuzminski says "You haven't heard the half of it. I've been investigating that Bottlefly millworker. He didn't die of natural causes. Somebody got him *good*." The reader sees his blue jacket hung up on the coat rack. There is a rectangular black pin attached to the lapel that reads "Coroner."

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