Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 22: Serpent's Feathers
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The background is white.

Panel 1

Osgood, now standing across from the coroner, looks dismayed and concerned as he says "Quote somebody *got* him? unquote." Kuzminski answers "Three deep *puncture wounds* to the torso. Each with a *circular indentation* around it. The one to the *heart* was the fatal one." In the background, Zane and the owner of the Hotel Umbra, still sitting at the table, turn their heads and listen in, grave looks on their faces.

Panel 2.

Osgood's mouth hangs open in surprise, and his eyes are small circles, indicating fear. He says "*Hermes' boots!* Are you saying the man was *murdered*? Here in Broodhollow?! There hasn't been a murder here in *twenty years!*" Zane's serious face is unchanged from the previous panel. The background appears slightly darker, going from the usual dusty pink striped wallpaper to a darker, greyish-brown striped wallpaper.

Panel 3.

Kuzminski looks off to the side uncomfortably, his eyebrows furrowed. He says "*My* final report won't say quote murder unquote, but it's not much of a leap. I don't think this fellow tripped and fell on three separate *icicles*." The background is back to normal.

Panel 4.

Osgood, his forehead wrinkled and his expression grave, says "Serpent's feathers! Why would this happen! Who'd *do* such a thing?" Planchett, his eyes half closed, stands up and gestures, saying "Did anybody here *know* him? How *jake* was this character to begin with?"

Panel 5.

He looks suspicious and forceful as he says "Might have owed money all over town. Might have hopped a boxcar, burgled a bum and got *rolled* for all we know!" The background is a mottled rust red.

Panel 6.

Zane, looking slightly hesitant, his shoulders slumped and his face troubled, says "*I* knew him. Well. I know the Bottlefly Boys. And I *don't* think that's who Maris was." The background is white.

Panel 7.

Planchett, his hands on his hips and his superior, eyes half closed look still on his face, says "Okay, so no motive then. *That* better?" Zane glares at him. The striped wallpaper is back.

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