Book 2 emblem Book 2: Angleworm Page 23: A Refresher
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Panel 1

Planchett is standing next to Zane, his eyes half-closed and his expression smugly sympathetic. He says "Bad night, eh, Zane?" Zane has his arms crossed over his chest, and he's turned towards Planchett but is looking to the side away from him, one eyebrow raised. He says "I'm still in shock, Mr. Planchett." Planchett answers "I get the picture, kid. But listen."

Panel 2.

Planchett leans in towards Zane, his expression serious and his eyes half closed. He says "The whole night you were three cards or less away from a full tower. *Never* play face cards as honors." Zane, his arms still crossed, whips his head around, facing Planchett with an angry look on his face. The quick movement is indicated by curved lines at the back of his head. He says "*I'm not talking about the card game!*" Short white lines from his head indicate his anger.

Panel 3.

Zane leans towards Planchett, his expression earnest and anguished. He says "A good man *died* in Stillwood Forest and all you care about is how you *look!* Paying for Maris' *funeral* when you think he was nothing more than a *bum!*" Wavy white lines coming from Zane's face show his intensity. Planchett is shown in silhouette, listening to Zane.

Panel 4.

Planchett looks worked up as he answers, "Pipe down, palooka. The guy might have been no friend of mine but I don't see anyone *else* stepping up to the plate! Now, I got the coin, and the man is entitled to an *honest funeral* in Broodhollow! That's just *tradition.*" Zane glares at him, their faces about a hand's length apart, and he shows no sign of backing down.

Panel 5.

Planchett and Zane are glaring at each other, their eyebrows drawn and their teeth gritted. Short white lines from their heads show their anger. Osgood, standing in the doorway, looks concerned as he watches them. He gestures with one hand and says "Planchett, there's no need to be cavalier about *money* at a time like this! And given the distressing news, I say we call it a *night*. I don't think any of us is in the mood for another hand."

Panel 6.

Planchett, Osgood and Zane are shown in silhouette. Planchett has his hands on his hips, his body turned away from Zane but his head turned towards him. He says "Agreed, so long as we can *finish* the hand on the table. If you need a refresher, Zane, you were *losing.*" Osgood stands next to Planchett, watching as Zane walks away. Zane, his arms held stiffly behind him as if he's still tense with anger, doesn't look behind him as he says "Perfect timing. Night, all."

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