Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 26: Prelude to a Celebration
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Panel 1

Iris and Zane are outside the antique shop at night, softly lit by the street lamps. The light gives the strip's coloring more depth than its usual flat style. As Zane closes the door to the shop, Iris asks "Learn anything new about your great-uncle's room?" He replies, "Not really. Of the two rooms in this shop, turns out the one with his blood in it is my least favorite."

Panel 2.

As they walk together, Zane asks "So what's Ouster Eve about? Is anything closed tomorrow?" "No, no," Iris says, "it's just the celebration tonight. It's an old, *old* holiday in Broodhollow."

Panel 3 Iris smiles as she explains, "The town gathers near the bell tower and there's a meet-and-greet, and food... We all come together in the spirit of driving the *bad* out of Broodhollow."

Panel 4.

Zane looks anxious and spooked as he asks, "Bad *what*?" Iris replies, still smiling, "Bad spirits, *evil*, all that. And then we celebrate the *good* in the year ahead."

Panel 5.

Still looking quite spooked and turning away from Iris, Zane asks, "Are the people here usually this... *superstitious* about ghosts and the like?" Iris replies, "Ha ha, not these days. It's more about getting together and saying hello... Being hopeful about days to come."

Panel 6.

As the two are walking side by side down the sidewalk, Iris says "It's always nice to celebrate hope, don't you think?" Zane replies, "Oh yes... Hope about the absence of *ghosts*, especially."

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