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The background is white.

Panel 1

The outside of Cubby's Dining Car. It's still snowing heavily, and the snow is piled up on the roof and outside the car, as well as on the small, leafless tree outside the front. A voice from inside says "Freshen your cup, hon?" Another answers "Oh, I think I've had enough freshening for *four* cups by now."

Panel 2.

A brown-haired waitress in a pink uniform, holding a coffee mug and standing next to Zane's table with one hand on it, says "Cutie pie, all that coffee'll give you an acid stomach! We serve food here *too*, you know. Strictly *alkaline.*" Zane, looking down at his book with an uncomfortable expression, says "Er, maybe later. Thank you." Mercy is sitting in the booth next to him.

Panel 3.

The waitress asks "And nothing for the little misses? A cube or two, maybe?" Zane looks over to the side at Mercy, who is unfolding her wings and making an "eeee" noise. He looks apologetic as he says "Oh, no, she gets jittery from sweets."

Panel 4.

The waitress, leaving, says "Just holler if you need a little sugar. For your coffee, then." Zane watches her go.

Panel 5.

Zane notices a man sitting in a booth near the window at about 1:00 from where he's sitting. The man has blonde hair and half-moon glasses, and is wearing a shirt and tie. He appears to be looking at Zane, and is writing something on a sheet of paper. Two other sheets of paper are spread out under the sheet that he's writing on. A large yellow exclamation point appears over Zane's head. Steam from his freshly filled coffee mug wafts to the right.

Panel 6.

Zane whispers to Mercy, "Gosh, Mercy, don't look *now*, but I get the feeling that *fellow* in the other booth is *looking us over*." He holds the diary open with one hand, and has an anxious, annoyed look on his face.

Panel 7.

A closer look at the man. His pen appears to be moving, although his position hasn't changed. Zane continues to whisper "...And he's jotting something *down*? I'd say it was unnerving if it wasn't so *rude!*"

Panel 8.

Zane, his own pencil moving over the pages of his diary, looks back towards the man, his expression aggressive and his tongue sticking out to the side in a cartoonish gesture of concentration. A straight dotted line indicating his intense gaze goes from his eyes out towards the edge of the panel, presumably towards the staring man. Mercy perches on his head, her expression also hostile and her wings hunched up. A similar straight dotted line goes from her eyes towards the staring man.

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