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Panel 1

Mayor Osgood, holding up his tine in one hand, says to Zane "Mr. Zane, I wish you'd take a noisemaker and walk with me a moment! I wanted to *talk* with you about your great-uncle." Zane is hesitantly inspecting an old frying pan. Behind him is a stall labeled "Noisemakers" with various items such as a hammer, a board and a stick. The noise of the tines still rings out behind them. The word "ping" is written several times in cheery, casual type, along with curved lines that indicate the vibration of sound.

Panel 2.

The two men walk together, shown in silhouette. Zane is about half a head taller than Mayor Osgood, and is carrying his frying pan. Osgood has his hand out, and continues, "*Virgil* was a part of Broodhollow as far back as I can remember. A kindly man, a *good* man. Fiercely proud of his town. He had no family of his own here. I expect he would be *glad* to know all he worked for would stay in the Zane family."

Panel 3.

Zane looks concerned, and replies, "I don't want to appear callous... But I didn't *know* my great-uncle Virgil. The first I'd heard of him was the letter telling me of my inheritance. I was in a terrible way until that news." The pings surround Zane in the background, but a string of E's starts to enter the background from the right. It's in a different type, more angular and thin.

Panel 4.

Zane continues, still holding his frying pan, "I was... going to sell everything off and *leave* once Miss Bellweather's father comes back from his trip." Mayor Osgood is holding up his tine and looking to the side, as if he's worried and concentrating on something. The string of E's continues in a straight, unvarying line behind them, drowning out the merry pings.

Panel 5.

Mayor Osgood says "As is your right, my boy. But perhaps Broodhollow will charm you yet -- What... What *is* that sound? The... bell tower?" The E's continue behind him, and he looks concerned and suspicious.

Panel 6.

The two of them look up in shocked silence at the bell tower, a tall building with a belfry at the top. It has just struck 9:00, and the luminous full moon is partially covered by the top of the tower. The sky around the belfry has turned red, and the color seems to ripple and spread through the dark night. Coming from the belfry are thousands of small, black shapes, presumably bats, all making the high, persistent e noise, which undulates in several lines of e's through the sky. The bats are partially covering the moon as they fly out into the night.

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